Top 4 Classical Composers

One of the top forms of music in the world is classical music. There have been many great composers of classical music over the years. Here is a list of what is considered to be the top four classical performers that have ever existed in the world.

Franz Joseph Haydn

Haydn is the father of the modern Symphony and he was also the inventor of the string quartet. During his life, he wrote more than 340 hours of music Which is more than other composers. He was the inventor of the string quartet when during an ensemble, there were just three members present which were a violinist, cellist, and a violist. He took one of his compositions for the evening and rearranged the composition and then included himself as a second and violinist. He enjoyed the sound of so much that he decided To write more music for this orchestration. He created piano sonatas and his string quartets were enjoyed by many people.

George Frederick Handel

Handel was German-born and wrote over 315 hours of music Which is second it to only Hayden. he was a master of the Baroque Style which is evident in most of his works. He was the inventor of the modern oratorio, during the holy season of the year he wanted to make some money but operas during this time we’re forbidden because they were considered to be secular. Handle ask the king if he could compose some sort of musical setting from a story in the Bible. When the king allowed him to do this, he had an orchestra, soloist, and a choir singing the parts of the characters in the story but there were no costumes or acting. One of his most famous compositions is the Messiah

Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Tchaikovsky was one of the best melody makers of all time.  Mozart was one of his favorite composers and he took several of Mozart’s Melodies and created Mozartiana. he is considered to be the master of the ballet and several of his Works including Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, and the “Nutcracker,” are loved worldwide and played to audiences every year. He wrote several opera masterpieces such as The Queen of Spades and Eugene Onegin. His ballets are known because they are very melodic. this composer also created 6 symphonies. it is clear to see why Tchaikovsky is considered to be one of the best classical composers of all time.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mozart Is considered to be one of the most famous geniuses of all time in any field.  he created 22 piano concertos, 41 symphonies, 23 operas, chamber music, 18 sonatas for piano, and many other pieces of music. he is known for his excellent melodies and for the quality of music He created which was very lyrical in nature.  most composers today aspire to be as great as Mozart, but no one has come close to his Mastery of music. all of his music was created with full Orchestra scores and he even did this when he was sick. his music was complete at the first draft and he never wrote a second draft. All of his works are considered to be legendary. He is considered to be the best piano player that has ever lived. 

There are of course many other composers which can be considered the best, such as Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Sebastian Bach, and many others. Classical music is loved by people worldwide and it’s clear to see why because this music is considered to be complete mastery and very few have been able to create it to such an extent as the Masters of this form of music.