The Football Event Can’t Be Missed In 2019

When 2018 is about to close, let’s take a look at some of the outstanding football events that will take place in 2019.

Asian Cup (from January 5 to 1/2 in the UAE)

Asian Cup 2019 is Asia’s biggest football tournament at the national level so it promises to gather the top stars in the continent. Notably, Vietnam Tel is also honored to be present in this prestigious playground after 12 years of absence. In the group stage, our team is placed in Group D with Iran, Iraq and Yemen.

Champions League final (June 1 in Spain)

Spanish football has dominated the European Cup for the past few years and this year the country of this Iberian peninsula has the honor to host the Champions League final (the match takes place at Atletico Madrid’s Wanda Metropolitano) . At the end of the group stage, Spain still have 3 representatives: Barca, Real Madrid and Atletico.

UEFA Nations League Finals (June 5 to June 9 in Portugal)

In the first organization, the UEFA Nations League created a positive effect when all teams played hard, not only seeing this as a supplementary friendly tournament for EURO 2020 qualifiers. determine the 4 talents who are present in the final round: England, Portugal, Netherlands and Switzerland. According to the schedule, the UK and the Netherlands will touch each other to determine their representatives to attend the match. The other pair of semi-finals is a match between Switzerland and the home team Portugal.

America Copa 2019 (from June 14 to July 7 in Brazil)

With quality players, Brazil is rated highly in the South American Copa America Championship 2019, especially when they have home advantage. In addition to 10 familiar South American representatives, this year’s tournament also has two more guest teams from Asia, Japan and Qatar.

CAN 2019 (from June 15 to July 13, the landlord has not been identified)

The African Nations Championship (CAN) is still held in January. This year the tournament has changed in the summer. This is an adjustment for the supporters because it helps them continue to contribute to the club when the season is entering a fierce stage. It is known that Cameroon was initially chosen as the host country, but then they were deprived of their rights due to being too slow in preparation.

European U21 Championship (June 16 to June 30 in Italy and San Marino)

Like the U20 World Cup, the European U21 Championship is also a playground for young players to compete for talent. As a rule, the four best-performing teams in this tournament will represent Europe in the 2020 Olympics.