Bird Box – Thriller Style “A Quiet Place” From Netflix

For those who prefer the novel idea of A Quiet Place some time ago, the Bird Box is a great choice on the radio Netflix.Netflix now has become the birthplace of a series of films and series quality. Besides work style interactive Black Mirror: Bandersnatch past the Bird Box is also a “feast” for the faithful horror.

Idea for “A Quiet Place” similarities

If in A Quiet Place, people must keep absolute silence to avoid these mysterious creatures are hunting a Bird Box deprive the other senses are eyes. Accordingly, the film opens with images Malorie Hayes (Sandra Bullock) and her two children move in condition blindfolded. She stressed that they will not be removed if you want to strip out the whole network constraints.

Bird Box – Phim kinh dị mang phong cách “A Quiet Place” từ nhà Netflix - Ảnh 2.

Turns out, this time the earth has fallen into apocalyptic period when a mysterious event took place makes people mass suicide. It is caused by species “devil” could make anyone look at them was crazy and to end their lives. From here, director Susanne Bier is the obsessive exploitation and deprivation the true nature of human beings in the context of post-apocalypse.

Bird Box – Phim kinh dị mang phong cách “A Quiet Place” từ nhà Netflix - Ảnh 3.

Indeed, living in silence as A Quiet Place is easier than multiple parts Bird Box. The survivors in the film is almost helpless against such things when they do not see. Food, drinking water became urgent issues when they can not out into the street in a state of “blind”. Horrible death always somewhere out there, but nobody knows when it arrives.

A better version of “The Happening”

Bird Box is adapted from the novel of the same name by writer Josh Malerman. In fact, he is also the writer of the draft for The Happening of M. Night Shyamalan in 2008 to recognize the similarities between the two works when revolve around global disaster makes people commit suicide in a secret. All of them know not why until themselves become victims.

Bird Box – Phim kinh dị mang phong cách “A Quiet Place” từ nhà Netflix - Ảnh 4.

However, The Happening is simply the “blame” for the trees, the Bird Box again taking a further key step is the devil and the supernatural. This makes the film more elements of horror when people share no way against enemies except shirk. Often brings creepy obsession but the horror of the Bird Box great that darkness becomes the only thing to help people survive. Air suffocating despair so that covers the entire work.

The presence of the famous cast

Like many movies of Netflix other, Bird Box is investing nine-on acting, starring Sandra Bullock – who received an Oscar for The Blind Side (2009) and a nomination for Gravity (2013). Besides many prominent names like Sarah Paulson – Bullock’s costar in Ocean’s Eight, Rosa Salazar – the heroine of Alita: Battle Angel coming or Tom Hollander, John Malkovich,…

Bird Box – Phim kinh dị mang phong cách “A Quiet Place” từ nhà Netflix - Ảnh 5.

Bird Box has now reached the record views of Netflix’s 45 million. This is a great choice for the first day in the new year 2019. The film is currently being shown on Netflix.