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The Football Event Can’t Be Missed In 2019

When 2018 is about to close, let’s take a look at some of the outstanding football events that will take place in 2019. Asian Cup (from January 5 to 1/2 in the UAE) Asian Cup 2019 is Asia’s biggest football tournament at the national level so it promises to gather the top stars in the […]

Why The Avengers Team Suddenly Got An Incredible Oscar Award

The 91st Oscar will be broadcast live on ABC – Disney-owned TV channel and Marvel’s parent company. To promote the new Avengers, Disney will probably try to put as many stars of the Avengers: Endgame as possible on stage. The actors will take turns hosting the show between the awards. This is not necessarily a […]

Bird Box – Thriller Style “A Quiet Place” From Netflix

For those who prefer the novel idea of A Quiet Place some time ago, the Bird Box is a great choice on the radio Netflix.Netflix now has become the birthplace of a series of films and series quality. Besides work style interactive Black Mirror: Bandersnatch past the Bird Box is also a “feast” for the […]

Revealed The Top 5 Most Successful Female Artist Of The Decade According To Billboard

Recently, Billboard announced the top 5 most successful female artist of the decade. Based on sales, chart performance and sales from the tour, the Billboard was “distilled” out to be 5 light stars. They were featured in the face of USUK music village in particular and the world in general, as well as many outstanding […]

Brilliant Hybrid Beauty Of New Miss Universe 2018 And The Achievement Series On The Journey To The Third Crown

In the final round of Miss Universe 2018, the representative of the Philippines – Catriona Gray has officially crowned Miss Universe tittle. The winning of Miss Philippines be lots of audience reviews that are very worthy, some comments that this is not too unexpected by beyond beauty the splendor, Catriona did achieve many major achievements […]

Katy Perry Spends Over $50,000 To Debar Fan To Date With Her Boyfriend Orlando Bloom

After several time of breaking up and reuniting, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have now officially resumed sentiment, became one of the happy couple of entertainment industry of the world. Recently, she has appeared at a charity event and auctioned for a date with the Prince “The Hobbit” to raise money to help victims of […]

Miss Philippines Is Considered As A Formidable Candidate In Miss Universe 2018

The moment that Catriona Gray – a beautiful woman representing the Philippines was greeted enthusiastically when just arriving Thailand airport to attend Miss Universe 2018 has made other competitors in the contest nervous. On last 29/11, the contestants coming from various countries had been in Thailand to attend the Miss Universe 2018. To prepare for […]

Han Ji Min And ZE-A Members Wish Happy Birthday To Park Hyung Sik

Joy mirrored in the birthday of Park Hyung Sik, he received so many wishes and the interest of his colleagues’ families a day before a new product is officially released. On the night of last 16/11, Park Hyung Sik posted photographs with a birthday cake on his personal Instagram account with the status: “I want […]

Most Amazing Facts About Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses is one of the most recognised American hard rock bands of all times. The group was formed in 1985 and remains one of the best-selling bands of all times. They’ve created a total of 6 albums to date and still enjoy the thrill of going on tour and giving their fans a […]