7 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Lady Gaga

Even though Lady Gaga has been in and out of the music scene, she is still one of the most iconic figures in the music world. She has unique take to fashion, and her music is fun and next to impossible to recreate.

As much as she is an interesting woman now, her past as well is just as interesting. Below are a handful of fun facts that you might not have known about Mother Monster!

Her Real Name

A lot of us refer to her as Lady Gaga but we know that’s not her real name. Her actual name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. Let’s just stick with Lady Gaga, it’s a lot easier to remember.

She’s A Drop Out

There’s been an ongoing trend of people dropping out of university or college and end up making it big and Lady Gaga was no exception. She dropped out of New York University at the beginning of her second year in order to chase after her dream of music. In an interview she has said the following about this instance.

“I don’t have the same priorities as other people, I just don’t…. When I’m not doing a show, I’m writing a song, or I’m on the phone with Dada yapping about a hemline.”

Her Name’s Inspiration

Lady Gaga didn’t come out of thin air in fact her name was inspired by a familiar song sung by Queen. We all remember “Radio Gaga” right? Her name came from that inspiration but also her admiration for both the band as well as it’s singer, Freddie Mercury. One time she called him one of the biggest personalities in pop music.



Growing up, her father requested that when she got tattoos that one side of her remained clean. It’s for this reason why Lady Gaga has all of her tattoos on the left side, keeping her right void of any ink. She has a total of 19 tattoos all on her left side all of them beautiful and each one have deep meanings.

Her Piano Skills

Music is certainly in her blood and was in her life at an early age. By the age of four she was able to play the piano. She learned how to do that by playing by ear. Those are some serious skills. By the age of 13 she moved from piano to writing original songs along with ballads.

The Story Behind “Just Dance”

Just Dance was a chart topper and made quite a wave when it came out. The crazy thing is though is that not only did it take Lady Gaga 10 minutes to write the entire song, she did all this when she was incredibly hungover too!

Why Lady Gaga Doesn’t Wear Pants When Performing

Why Lady Gaga Doesn’t Wear Pants When Performing

One thing you might’ve noticed is Lady Gaga’s performance outfits. On the surface some people can say she’s dressed in a lewd fashion, but the reason she wears those outfits is actually for an endearing reason.

It’s for her grandmother.

In an interview she stated that her grandmother is basically blind, however she is able to see lighter parts of her like her skin and hair. So by showing more skin her grandmother is able to tell it’s her.

There are many other facts about Lady Gaga that we didn’t cover here so if you have others you know about we’d love for you to share them below! Which facts did we share that surprise you?