Bird Box – Thriller Style “A Quiet Place” From Netflix

For those who prefer the novel idea of A Quiet Place some time ago, the Bird Box is a great choice on the radio Netflix.Netflix now has become the birthplace of a series of films and series quality. Besides work style interactive Black Mirror: Bandersnatch past the Bird Box is also a “feast” for the faithful horror.

Idea for “A Quiet Place” similarities

If in A Quiet Place, people must keep absolute silence to avoid these mysterious creatures are hunting a Bird Box deprive the other senses are eyes. Accordingly, the film opens with images Malorie Hayes (Sandra Bullock) and her two children move in condition blindfolded. She stressed that they will not be removed if you want to strip out the whole network constraints.

Bird Box – Phim kinh dị mang phong cách “A Quiet Place” từ nhà Netflix - Ảnh 2.

Turns out, this time the earth has fallen into apocalyptic period when a mysterious event took place makes people mass suicide. It is caused by species “devil” could make anyone look at them was crazy and to end their lives. From here, director Susanne Bier is the obsessive exploitation and deprivation the true nature of human beings in the context of post-apocalypse.

Bird Box – Phim kinh dị mang phong cách “A Quiet Place” từ nhà Netflix - Ảnh 3.

Indeed, living in silence as A Quiet Place is easier than multiple parts Bird Box. The survivors in the film is almost helpless against such things when they do not see. Food, drinking water became urgent issues when they can not out into the street in a state of “blind”. Horrible death always somewhere out there, but nobody knows when it arrives.

A better version of “The Happening”

Bird Box is adapted from the novel of the same name by writer Josh Malerman. In fact, he is also the writer of the draft for The Happening of M. Night Shyamalan in 2008 to recognize the similarities between the two works when revolve around global disaster makes people commit suicide in a secret. All of them know not why until themselves become victims.

Bird Box – Phim kinh dị mang phong cách “A Quiet Place” từ nhà Netflix - Ảnh 4.

However, The Happening is simply the “blame” for the trees, the Bird Box again taking a further key step is the devil and the supernatural. This makes the film more elements of horror when people share no way against enemies except shirk. Often brings creepy obsession but the horror of the Bird Box great that darkness becomes the only thing to help people survive. Air suffocating despair so that covers the entire work.

The presence of the famous cast

Like many movies of Netflix other, Bird Box is investing nine-on acting, starring Sandra Bullock – who received an Oscar for The Blind Side (2009) and a nomination for Gravity (2013). Besides many prominent names like Sarah Paulson – Bullock’s costar in Ocean’s Eight, Rosa Salazar – the heroine of Alita: Battle Angel coming or Tom Hollander, John Malkovich,…

Bird Box – Phim kinh dị mang phong cách “A Quiet Place” từ nhà Netflix - Ảnh 5.

Bird Box has now reached the record views of Netflix’s 45 million. This is a great choice for the first day in the new year 2019. The film is currently being shown on Netflix.

Revealed The Top 5 Most Successful Female Artist Of The Decade According To Billboard

Recently, Billboard announced the top 5 most successful female artist of the decade. Based on sales, chart performance and sales from the tour, the Billboard was “distilled” out to be 5 light stars.

They were featured in the face of USUK music village in particular and the world in general, as well as many outstanding achievements attained in their singing career.

Taylor Swift

Lộ diện Top 5 nữ nghệ sĩ thành công nhất thập kỷ này theo Billboard - Ảnh 1.

As the name that is known to many a “crisis” hits ever do staggered across the chart, large and small, she “Snake God” Taylor Swift was excellent to hold the top spot in the top 5 of the most successful female artist of the decade by Billboard. Reminder to Taylor Swift, people think of a singer and dare to change herself as well as the band are pursuing to be more successful through a hit million dollars as “Look What You Made Me Do”, “Shake It Off” or “Ready For It?”. Besides, the “Reputation” of the tour she also broke the record of out-of-town “crisis” to become the highest-grossing concert tour by a female artist in the past 10 years.


Lộ diện Top 5 nữ nghệ sĩ thành công nhất thập kỷ này theo Billboard - Ảnh 2.

Standing in the #2 position in the chart, no one else is Rihanna. Her fans probably remember to record moments of her becoming the first female artist crossed the 100 million sales milestone with this collection of songs, “the peak” of her. The owner of a hit “Bitch Better Have My Money” also makes the young family swarm must be on the reservations the chart, large and small. Rihanna is also named in the top 15 most expensive tour the planet thanks to revenue from the fifth concert tour entitled “Diamonds World Tour”.

Nicki Minaj

Lộ diện Top 5 nữ nghệ sĩ thành công nhất thập kỷ này theo Billboard - Ảnh 3.

Location of #3 in the top 5 is Nicki Minaj. If temporarily shelved the noisy scandal involving the name of Nicki Minaj, no one can deny the female rapper is an outstanding talent. A full album titled “African Queen” by Nicki Minaj ever made the storm on the prestigious music charts, as well as bring about high achievements in terms of trade for its owner. Nicki Minaj’s “Pink Friday Tour” also prompting the press be ink paper because the heat undiminished.


Lộ diện Top 5 nữ nghệ sĩ thành công nhất thập kỷ này theo Billboard - Ảnh 4.

Beyoncé is the owner of #4 position in the top 5 of the most successful female artist of the decade from the Billboard site. Property history tour as “The Formation World Tour”, Beyoncé brought about for her 256 million dollars from 49 fire concert tickets. Mentioning Beyoncé, fans will think what a hit with her own personality as “Pretty Hurts”, “Halo”, “Irreplaceable” or “Telephone”.

Katy Perry

Lộ diện Top 5 nữ nghệ sĩ thành công nhất thập kỷ này theo Billboard - Ảnh 5.

The light name the final price in this chart is Katy Perry. Owns the most successful concert tour of music career as “The Prismatic World Tour” or “Witness: The Tour”, Katy Perry is gradually proven talent and a strong foothold in the market at the current moment in music. With the collection of quality song can refer to as “Firework”, “Last Friday Night”, “Part Of Me”, “Roar” or “Dark Horse”, it’s no surprise what Katy Perry ever Forbes voted as the female artist has the highest income of the planet.

Brilliant Hybrid Beauty Of New Miss Universe 2018 And The Achievement Series On The Journey To The Third Crown

In the final round of Miss Universe 2018, the representative of the Philippines – Catriona Gray has officially crowned Miss Universe tittle.

The winning of Miss Philippines be lots of audience reviews that are very worthy, some comments that this is not too unexpected by beyond beauty the splendor, Catriona did achieve many major achievements in the previous contest. Even before Miss Universe, she was won 2 different beauty crowns.

Nhan sắc lai đẹp rực rỡ của Tân Hoa hậu Hoàn vũ 2018 và loạt thành tích khủng trên hành trình đoạt vương miện thứ 3! - Ảnh 1.

New Miss Universe 2018 has hybrid blood, born in 1994 in Australia. Her father was of Scottish descent, and his mother who was the Philippines. After graduating from high school in Australia, she moved to live in Manila of the Philippines.

Nhan sắc lai đẹp rực rỡ của Tân Hoa hậu Hoàn vũ 2018 và loạt thành tích khủng trên hành trình đoạt vương miện thứ 3! - Ảnh 4.

The full name of Miss Universe is Catriona Elisa Magnayon Gray. She owns the featured 1m78 height, host, model, and singer in the Philippines.

Not only has a beautiful appearance property, Catriona Gray also graduated of Berklee music in Boston with a degree master of the music industry. And before that, right from when was a student, Catriona did the lead singer of the jazz band in high school. In addition, the beauty of the Philippines also has a black belt in Choi Kwang-Do martial art.

Nhan sắc lai đẹp rực rỡ của Tân Hoa hậu Hoàn vũ 2018 và loạt thành tích khủng trên hành trình đoạt vương miện thứ 3! - Ảnh 6.

Right from the first round contest finalists, Miss Philippines has among other contestants’ highlights, is thanks to the seasoned experience and excellent performance at the beauty contest. Before becoming MissUniverse Philippines in March this year, Catriona Gray has ever won both the Miss World Philippines 2016, and entered the Top 5 in the Miss World contest.

In total, Catriona Gray has won 3 crowns: Miss Philippines, Miss Philippines and Miss Universe.

Nhan sắc lai đẹp rực rỡ của Tân Hoa hậu Hoàn vũ 2018 và loạt thành tích khủng trên hành trình đoạt vương miện thứ 3! - Ảnh 13.
Nhan sắc lai đẹp rực rỡ của Tân Hoa hậu Hoàn vũ 2018 và loạt thành tích khủng trên hành trình đoạt vương miện thứ 3! - Ảnh 8.

Some international fans also called her by the nickname “The Grey Cat”, because the family name Gray and her name maybe abbreviated to Cat of Miss. In the swimsuit, Catriona impressed with how to navigate the “slow-motion” – is a unique step in quickly, then suddenly turn very slowly the truth. Pretty much the international fanpage had to take the praise for the Philippines Representative for this performance.

Nhan sắc lai đẹp rực rỡ của Tân Hoa hậu Hoàn vũ 2018 và loạt thành tích khủng trên hành trình đoạt vương miện thứ 3! - Ảnh 15.

Katy Perry Spends Over $50,000 To Debar Fan To Date With Her Boyfriend Orlando Bloom

After several time of breaking up and reuniting, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have now officially resumed sentiment, became one of the happy couple of entertainment industry of the world.

Recently, she has appeared at a charity event and auctioned for a date with the Prince “The Hobbit” to raise money to help victims of the California wildfires.

Initially, everything is smooth. Katy Perry also promoted a lunch with Orlando Bloom and the winner of the auction would be transported by motor vehicle. The female singer continues to joke by pretending to jealousy, said: “That means you will be sitting on his motorcycle, hug him by the way that I will see slightly objectionable. You will be touching the chest and 6 packs of him”.

Katy Perry hứng gạch vì ghen tuông chi hơn 1 tỷ đồng ngăn fan hẹn hò với bạn trai Orlando Bloom - Ảnh 2.

A person below the crowd proved interest in and out 20,000 USD. But Katy from simulated jealousy again become real jealousy, she expressed her unhappiness and said: “You assess 20?” then ask the name of the auction – a woman named Laura.

Katy Perry hứng gạch vì ghen tuông chi hơn 1 tỷ đồng ngăn fan hẹn hò với bạn trai Orlando Bloom - Ảnh 3.

Because Laura started the auction with the high price, others are not dare to give higher numbers. When the moderator prepared to announce the winner is Laura, then Katy Perry now suddenly interrupted: “Sorry. Tell me your name again?”, she asked. “Laura? Sorry, I will buy this date at a price $50,000”. The female singer then dropped a microphone falling to the floor and leaving the stage.

Witnessing this event, many people on social networks have proved to be pressing about the act to jealous with an ungraceful way of Katy Perry.

Katy Perry hứng gạch vì ghen tuông chi hơn 1 tỷ đồng ngăn fan hẹn hò với bạn trai Orlando Bloom - Ảnh 6.

Many people also “throwing bricks” Katy on Instagram: “It is unattractive! The amount is as loose change for her! She can donate separately and let that fan have an experience only one time in her life”; “This is extremely a great way to sabotage her own fans”; “She had better behave like that! Stop acting like teenage girls”.

Katy Perry hứng gạch vì ghen tuông chi hơn 1 tỷ đồng ngăn fan hẹn hò với bạn trai Orlando Bloom - Ảnh 7.

However, some other comments of fans spoke in support of the action of Katy Perry: “She had pay more money to charity. Plus, anyway he is the boyfriend of Katy. The girl Laura may not pay attention to that.”

Miss Philippines Is Considered As A Formidable Candidate In Miss Universe 2018

The moment that Catriona Gray – a beautiful woman representing the Philippines was greeted enthusiastically when just arriving Thailand airport to attend Miss Universe 2018 has made other competitors in the contest nervous.

On last 29/11, the contestants coming from various countries had been in Thailand to attend the Miss Universe 2018. To prepare for the most impressive in the first appearance in this competition, every beauty wore an outfit that be sure really suitable and extravagant to easily attract the attention, and scoring points with the audience as well as the organizer of the contest at the airport of Thailand.

Among them, the representative of the Philippines – Catriona Gray has attracted much attention. Even, she was also reviewed that had taken spotlight of all the other contestants immediately after appearing in the land of the Golden Temple country. Currently, a short 13 seconds clip, recorded the scene a beautiful Philippines stride full of confidence, full of spirit and full of cheer in plenty of fans at the airport is being shared dizzily on social networks.

For that moment, the number of audience said that Catriona Gray deserves a formidable competitor for other beauties at Miss Universe 2018. In particular, the event she continually being the beauty professionals as Missosology page, Global Beauties project guess will be crowned Miss Universe 2018 are completely unfounded.

The representative of the Philippines is one of the beautiful woman that is warmly welcome when just come to the airport of Thailand to attend Miss Universe 2018. Catriona Gray is the brightest candidates for the crown of the season this year.

Chỉ 13 giây thần thái ngút ngàn tại sân bay Thái, đại diện Philippines đã thay lời khẳng định là ứng viên đáng gờm tại Miss Universe 2018 - Ảnh 3.

Catriona Gray was crowned Binibining Pilipinas beauty pageant 2018 (Miss Universe Philippines 2018) on 18/3/2018. Previously, Catriona Gray was also crowned Miss World Philippines 2016. When attending Miss World 2016, she got to the Top 5 finalists. Possessing 1m78 height, Catriona Gray was born in 1994, bringing the mixed blood. Her father is the Australian with Scottish ancestry, her mother Filipino.

Chỉ 13 giây thần thái ngút ngàn tại sân bay Thái, đại diện Philippines đã thay lời khẳng định là ứng viên đáng gờm tại Miss Universe 2018 - Ảnh 4.

After graduating from high school, she moved to live in Manila of the Philippines. Currently, Catriona Gray worked as a model, presenter and singer in the Philippines.

Han Ji Min And ZE-A Members Wish Happy Birthday To Park Hyung Sik

Joy mirrored in the birthday of Park Hyung Sik, he received so many wishes and the interest of his colleagues’ families a day before a new product is officially released.

On the night of last 16/11, Park Hyung Sik posted photographs with a birthday cake on his personal Instagram account with the status: “I want to thanks everyone for wishing me a happy birthday today and my both my parents too! Thanks so much. Wish you always happy and I love everyone!”

After the article, some colleagues, dear members of ZE-A band with “a beautiful sister” Han Ji Min commented to congratulate Park Hyung Sik. Kevin says: “Happy birthday, brother ~~~”. Jun Young writes: “Happy birthday”, accompanied by a birthday cake icon and hearts. Meanwhile Ha Min Woo and Kim Dong Joon comment with heart icon, Han Ji Min gives a series of lovely icon including cake, flowers, balloons, gift box, fireworks, champagne,…

Reportedly, the sister pair Han Ji Min and Park Hyung Sik used to collaborate together in a short advertising film “Two Lights: Relumino” broadcasted online on Youtube in the end of last year. Two stars took the tears and feelings of people as incarnating on the role of the blindness, but their heart still rekindled and craved a burning love. Both of them became friends and often concern as well as support each other’s new film projects.

On the other hand, Park Hyung Sik was born on 16/11/1991, he debuted as one of the 9 members of the boy band ZE-A in early 2010. Despite the band did not announce about the breakup, other members had chosen an own path to develop their future career. Maybe saying that only Im Si Wan and Park Hyung Sik success in the field of cinema. Kim Dong Joon also received numerous of film projects but haven’t had the main role. Hwang Hee became famous for entertainment field, particularly the “Infinite Challenge” program.

Park Hyung Sik has appeared in many television films series since launching, but with the great success with his role as Crown Prince through the historical drama “Hwarang” on KBS2 channel in 2016, his name became widely popular throughout Asia. After that, Hyung Sik assumed the main role in the romantic film “Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon” (2017) with Park Bo Young. This year, he had an occasion to cooperate with Jang Dong Gun through KBS2 channel. Currently, the male singers are attending in the musical play “Elizabeth”, released on 17/11.

Most Amazing Facts About Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses is one of the most recognised American hard rock bands of all times. The group was formed in 1985 and remains one of the best-selling bands of all times. They’ve created a total of 6 albums to date and still enjoy the thrill of going on tour and giving their fans a thrilling experience while playing their most popular songs.

In fact, Guns N’ Roses are on tour in 2018 with multiple international destinations on the list. Not only are they hitting some of the best locations through the US such as the Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, but they also travel far and wide, attending Abu Dhabi, Johannesburg South Africa, Asia World Expo in Hong Kong, Mother of Festivals in Monterrey and many others. Therefore, it’s worth finding out more about the well-known band, which is why we provide some of the most interesting and amazing facts and Guns n Roses.

Where the Name Guns N’ Roses was Born

The name is the first interesting part of this band as it was created in combination of two bands becoming one, which included the L.A. Guns and the Hollywood Roses. Therefore, both groups compromised and created the Guns N’ Roses name, which is now well-known throughout the world. Other names such as Heads of Amazon and AIDS were also considered.

Duff McKagan Was Forced to Change Drinking Habits

If there’s one thing you’ll always see with the Guns N’ Roses group is that they sure like to drink a lot. In fact, it got so bad in 1994, that bass player Duff suffered from his pancreas exploding due to degrading, which affected the band members so much that he had no choice but to give up drinking. You’ll still see him with a beer at times, but it’s non-alcoholic.

Hell House

During the early days of the band, they stayed in Los Angeles in a small apartment that was referred to as Hell House. It became a popular name for the band as this became their place to practice various types of sin, including the sex, drugs and rock’n’roll saying.

Axl Rose Was Broke before Guns N’ Roses

Before the band formed and started with their amazing adventure to fortune and fame, the lead singer Axl Rose was so broke that he had to join a UCLA medical study that required him to smoke cigarettes. He did it and earned a much needed $8 at the time.

Flop that Cost Millions

In 2008, Axl Rose was the only member from the original band, which is also the year they released Chinese Democracy. However, the album turned out to be a complete flop and ended up costing the bank over $13 million in production costs.

Slash and Pet Snakes

Saul Hudson, better known as Slash on stage used to have the weirdest pets. While in the band, at one stage he had over 20 pets, of which 20 were snakes.

How Did Blues Music Start?

Many people think of blues music as a type of music that is sad or talks about Misfortune or betrayal. If you’re in love with someone and they leave you, this could be a good situation in which to write a blues song. Well blues music can be associated with hard times, it goes further than just someone being sad or down on their luck. Blues music can be emotional and very energetic. Here is a brief overview of how this music started.

African Americans

The roots of blues music go back to American history and especially the history of African-Americans. This music started in the south in America on the southern plantations during the 19th century. The inventors of this music we’re ex-slaves, slaves and the descendants of the slaves. In America African Americans tended to work in the cotton fields. After their work was done they would sing songs about working in the vegetable fields and the cotton fields.

Some say that traditional blues music developed from the work songs, African chants, African spiritual songs, drum music, country dance music, and the general rural life at this time that the African Americans went through. Most of the original blues music during the 1800s has been lost, but the legacy of these players is still felt in many blues songs today.

The Delta

Blue began to take hold in the Mississippi Delta which is around the New Orleans area. In New Orleans, this is considered to be the birthplace of jazz music. Both jazz music and blues music have influenced each other and they interact with each other even to this day. Blues music stayed in this area and didn’t really branch out to the midwest of the country until around the 1930s and the 1940s. Once this blues music started to find its way to urban areas, it began to become electrified due to the wider use of electrical instruments such as the electric guitar and amplifiers which were becoming popular during this time. The major influence on blues at this time was Chicago Blues where many of the styles of blues were developed.

Blues guitar at this time was also heavily influenced by jazz music and hybrids of jazz and blues. Around the 1950s, blues music began to change quite significantly and it gave birth to what we all know today as rock and roll.

Basics of Blues

When you compare blues music to other styles of music, it can seem to be quite simple but it’s the beat of blues music which gives it its unique sound. Blues music is usually composed of just 12 bars of music which are repeated. Some of the classic blues players from the early days include Robert Johnson, Charlie Patton, Leadbelly, and Blind Lemon Jefferson. They used this unique 12 Bar beat to create the famous songs which we associate with the birth of the modern blues style.

How Blues Evolved

As blues music began to move throughout the country new styles were developed such as Louisiana Blues, Memphis Blues, St Louis Blues and so on. During the Heyday of the 1960s and the early 70s bands of the British Invasion such as The Yardbirds, The Beatles, and similar groups began to play a form of music known as British Blues.  This took both influences from regular blues music and combined it with rock and roll to create what we know today as blues- rock music. Blues music continues to be played at to this day although it’s not quite as popular as it used to be

Blues music has a long history that dates back to the 18th century and the deep south of America. It’s a genre of music that encompasses more than just one area of the country as it’s grown from those original roots into its own form of music that has many distinct flavors and styles which all are referred to as blues music.

Should budding musicians learn music theory?

Despite what the name suggests, most people claim that music theory is not a requirement to write great songs. Many popular musicians do not carry an in-depth knowledge of music theory. In fact, entire generations of composers, and music artists have gained massive success without ever receiving any formal education in music. While this might be true to a great extent, there are still a number of benefits of learning music theory whether you self-teach yourself via the internet or attend theory classes physically.

The truth is that music theory is not at all necessary to write great songs. However, having some knowledge of music theory can complement your songwriting skills and hence your music career in a number of different ways.

We have listed down the major benefits of learning music later in this article. Before moving to them, however, let us address one basic question.

What does music theory mean after all?

Music theory essentially contains all the fundamentals that which music rests upon. It begins with basic concepts that include knowledge of notes, pitch, rhythm, scales, tempo, octaves, modes, melody, notation, structure, and the purpose of various instruments.

Consider music theory as language classes. While a native would be able to speak a language up to a decent level, having knowledge of grammar will certainly allow the person to have a better command at speaking and writing (communicating). In a similar fashion, music theory would teach a person the language of music that which he can then use to communicate his/her musical ideas.

What are the practical advantages of learning music theory?

There are three major advantages that any musician/artist can enjoy by learning music theory. Each of these can prove to be beneficial for an artist’s career in music.

  • It allows musicians and budding artists to become totally independent. This means that they will not be dependent on professional help through their songwriting process. This also suggests that it would be easier to master complications in music. On top of that, knowing the fundamentals also allow musicians to figure out their weaknesses and the areas that need improvement.
  • Having knowledge of music theory makes musicians more creative. One a person has all the tools that he/she needs at their disposal for writing that one hit song, it is much easier. In comparison, if one tries to write a great song simply via ear and guesswork, the process would be slower and less efficient. In other words, it allows musicians to find their own unique sound easily.
  • Another big advantage is that having enough knowledge of music’s fundamentals makes one capable of engaging in fruitful discussions with other musicians. Essentially, it provides one a good subject to talk about with other like-minded people.

However, do keep in mind that having knowledge of music on paper does not suggest that you will turn into an amazing musician. This is because the knowledge will not be of enough use if you are unable to apply it. In order to become a great composer, singer and/or songwriter, you must practice your craft in a disciplined way. This is the one and only prime rule for success as a musician.

Top 4 Classical Composers

One of the top forms of music in the world is classical music. There have been many great composers of classical music over the years. Here is a list of what is considered to be the top four classical performers that have ever existed in the world.

Franz Joseph Haydn

Haydn is the father of the modern Symphony and he was also the inventor of the string quartet. During his life, he wrote more than 340 hours of music Which is more than other composers. He was the inventor of the string quartet when during an ensemble, there were just three members present which were a violinist, cellist, and a violist. He took one of his compositions for the evening and rearranged the composition and then included himself as a second and violinist. He enjoyed the sound of so much that he decided To write more music for this orchestration. He created piano sonatas and his string quartets were enjoyed by many people.

George Frederick Handel

Handel was German-born and wrote over 315 hours of music Which is second it to only Hayden. he was a master of the Baroque Style which is evident in most of his works. He was the inventor of the modern oratorio, during the holy season of the year he wanted to make some money but operas during this time we’re forbidden because they were considered to be secular. Handle ask the king if he could compose some sort of musical setting from a story in the Bible. When the king allowed him to do this, he had an orchestra, soloist, and a choir singing the parts of the characters in the story but there were no costumes or acting. One of his most famous compositions is the Messiah

Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Tchaikovsky was one of the best melody makers of all time.  Mozart was one of his favorite composers and he took several of Mozart’s Melodies and created Mozartiana. he is considered to be the master of the ballet and several of his Works including Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, and the “Nutcracker,” are loved worldwide and played to audiences every year. He wrote several opera masterpieces such as The Queen of Spades and Eugene Onegin. His ballets are known because they are very melodic. this composer also created 6 symphonies. it is clear to see why Tchaikovsky is considered to be one of the best classical composers of all time.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mozart Is considered to be one of the most famous geniuses of all time in any field.  he created 22 piano concertos, 41 symphonies, 23 operas, chamber music, 18 sonatas for piano, and many other pieces of music. he is known for his excellent melodies and for the quality of music He created which was very lyrical in nature.  most composers today aspire to be as great as Mozart, but no one has come close to his Mastery of music. all of his music was created with full Orchestra scores and he even did this when he was sick. his music was complete at the first draft and he never wrote a second draft. All of his works are considered to be legendary. He is considered to be the best piano player that has ever lived. 

There are of course many other composers which can be considered the best, such as Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Sebastian Bach, and many others. Classical music is loved by people worldwide and it’s clear to see why because this music is considered to be complete mastery and very few have been able to create it to such an extent as the Masters of this form of music.